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Uses for Emergency Poncho

Uses for Emergency Poncho Posted on September 5, 20181,309 Comments

22 Uses for an Emergency Poncho

A 99 cent emergency poncho is one of my most carried pieces of gear.   Not matter the activity, I have one tucked in my bag and it’s been used in some pretty interesting situations besides keeping me dry.  Here are just a few practical (and not-so-practical) uses for an emergency poncho.

  1. Rain Poncho
  2. Backpack Cover
  3. Picnic Blanket
  4. Rope Tarp
  5. Garbage Bag
  6. Tourniquet
  7. Car Floor Mat
  8. Hammock Tent
  9. Puppet Show Curtain
  10.  Barf Bag*
  11. Pasta Strainer*
  12. Boot Waterproofer/Sock Liner
  13. Pillow
  14. Sleeping Bag Liner
  15. Projector Screen
  16. Parachute
  17. Sail
  18. Curtain
  19. Halloween Costume (if you dressed as Saran Wrap)
  20. Water Reservoir
  21. Sandwich Baggie
  22. Slip & Slide

**Ideas courtesy of Cody

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