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Bucket List – Summer 2020

Bucket List – Summer 2020 Posted on April 14, 202091 Comments

It’s time to start planning ahead for the summer. Looking ahead helps to stay positive during these hectic times. So get your bucket ready because this summer is gonna be extra full.

Things I’m Going To Do This Summer:

  • Get sweaty at least 3 days a week. Whether it’s bouldering at the gym, scooting around the neighborhood or going on a week-long climbing trip.
  • Hike a 14er. I know I said that last summer (and the summer before that) but I mean it this time.
  • Go on another backpacking trip. I learned the lessons from last time.
  • Sleep in my tent 12+ nights.
  • Play the harmonica around the campfire.
  • Visit 3 new crags near home and go to Rifle and the Poudre Canyon at least once.
  • Just generally gain some confidence in my climbing, starting by getting stronger at the gym.
  • Visit a new corner of Colorado. I’m thinking Durango and Mesa Verde National Park.
  • Use at 4 rolls of film on friends, flowers, or anything that catches my eye.
  • Expand my camp cooking menu, especially some breakfast options.
  • See a show at the Mishawaka. (This isn’t really a bucket list item but rather a summer cornerstone event).
  • Read 10 books. I’m going to start with Desert Solitaire after I finish the other 2 books I’m reading now.
  • Learn some Spanish every day and try to speak it more at home.
  • Write. Whether right here, journaling or just sending notes to friends.
  • Oh. and also get a job.

Anything you’re working on this summer? Let me know in the comments below!

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