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Best Climbing Snacks

Best Climbing Snacks Posted on October 11, 20182,326 Comments

Best Snacks & Treats for the Climbing Crag

Climbing is both a social sport and an endurance sport which makes the food aspect pretty important.  Days at the crag can be very long and almost always end with a beer so snacks along the way are a key piece of gear.  Check out our top picks for food to bring along while rock climbing.

Nut Butter Filled Clif Bars

These are like your regular super-filling Clif bars – except they don’t dry out your mouth because they’re filled with nut butter.  My favorite is the Chocolate Hazelnut and Cody’s is the Blueberry Almond.  They go on sale at King Soopers regularly so keep an eye out for a good deal!

Welch’s Fruit Snacks

A favorite of mine, fruit snacks are great after a hard climb.  I have a mad sweet tooth and these little individual packets just really hit the spot, especially if it’s hot out.

Dried Mangos

These are sweet but not too sweet and surprisingly filling.  A couple of these are great in the morning or at the end of day when you need a glucose pick-me-up.

Honey Sriracha Turkey Meatballs

Now meatballs might not seem like the most obvious choice for the crag but I’ve carried these up in my lunchbox a few times and taste great cold.  I can be picky when I’m hot or tired and these always hit the spot.  Just make sure to bring a fork because saucy fingers do not combine well with climbing.

Carrots & Hummus

A lunchtime staple, carrots and hummus are great for the crag. If you have access to a cooler, keep both the hummus and carrots cold.  The crunch is filling and the salty hummus helps replenish electrolytes.  They’re great for both mid-climbing and post-climbing.

Post-Climbing Beers

An ice-cold beer after a hot day in the sun is perfect.  Climbing is a marathon, not a sprint. So when you get to the end of your climbing trip, a beer is definitely well-deserved.  Cody suggests a fruity IPA like New Belgium Tangerine Citradelic or an easy going Montucky Cold Snack.

NOTE: Only have a beer once everyone is done climbing & gear is packed up. Climbing is already dangerous enough, don’t do it under the influence of anything

Always Extra Water because someone else will drink it

Always bring enough water for yourself and your dog and your friends.  Without a doubt one of your climbing buddies will get thirsty.  That’s why we always keep a big ole jug in the car to refill water bottles.



They get hot and squishy and honestly just aren’t appealing.  Leave it at home for the smoothies.


While a ham or turkey sandwich is a great, practical option, it’s just never as satisfying as you want.  If you need a quick snack, go for a sandwich but if you’re planning for a long day of climbing, pack something you really want to eat.

At the end of the day the most important part of eating at the crag is staying energized and hydrated.  Eat and drink whatever works for you, but make sure to clean up after yourself!

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