Adventure is Out There. 

My name’s Maddie and I go on adventures.  Follow along for a bit about those adventures, where I go, what I bring and what I eat along the way.  But you should know a few things about me:

  1. I’m new-ish to Colorado.
  2. I’m a novice outdoorswoman and am willing to try anything once!
  3. My favorite outside things are snowboarding, rock climbing, leaf peeping, finding a river or lake to stick my toes in, hammocking and hanging out by a campfire.
  4. My favorite inside activities are cooking & baking, eating, yoga and going to concerts, Halloween and The Ohio State Buckeyes.
  5. I’m a gear fiend and LOVE to research it.
  6. When I’m not outside or in the kitchen I’m a digital marketer. Check out my resume
  7. I’m an Ohioan at heart but a native Buffalonian (so the cold doesn’t scare me!)
  8. My #1 Partner in Crime is Cody.  He’s along for almost all of the above-mentioned adventures.
  9. I love dogs. (This one’s important).
  10. I’m an eternal optimist always chasing the sun.

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